Rev. Prof. Enoch Immanuel A. Agbozo


Blessed be Jehovah God, Creator who has elected, chosen, reconciled, redeemed, rebuilt, renewed, married and established Ghana as NATION and PEOPLE of HIS INHERITANCE and DESTINED GLORY IN HIS KINGDOM GLORY ORDER in Africa.  The New Ghana of heaven ordered Divine Glory has been established through FAITH IN HIS WORD and THE NAME OF HIS SON Jesus CHRIST, Saviour, Redeemer, Prince of Peace on one part and the ACKNOWLEDGMENT, WORSHIP and HONOUR of HIM JEHOVAH as God, Redeemer and King by the church and people of Ghana.

Thanks be to God, the governments, chiefs, elders and traditional authorities of Ghana do openly acknowledge, confess and honour Jehovah the Father and Jesus Christ the Son as God, King, Lord, Hope and Glory of nation and people.  There is general agreement and subscription that Jehovah God is the Creator and God of the universe.

Because of this, Jehovah the Most High God has restored Ghana in His plans for His government and kingdom glory order for His reign and rule of the nation with His chosen vessels of citizens of the land for His glory.  Ghana stands as star and light for Africa and the world this end-time.  Amen!

Unfortunately, the leadership in government, church and sections of the nation are yet to accept, respect, honour and follow the heavenly ordered Divine Path of Glory for the country.  They have ignored and totally abandoned the advances in Divine Kingdom glory Order that took off in flight in years 2005/2006.  Between years 2009 and 2014 things have not only been reversed, Ghana has entered back into a state of unprecedented darkness and doom.  Indeed, Ghanaians have not witnessed such state of pain and gloom of lawlessness, corruption and moral breakdown. Mourning and wailing due to darkness, evil and wicked works of spirits and men in national affairs became the national experience.  The economic challenges that rose in 1962 through 1966 of the Nkrumah era and the challenges of drought and fires, pain and suffering in 1983 during the Rawlings-PNDC era are nothing to be compared with the dryness, gloom and wailing of 2012-2014.

The truth is that the rejection of the Divine heavenly kingdom agenda and path of glory for the nation has provoked Divine wrath, fury and judgement.  Pain and gloom multiplied.

Thanks be to God that in His mercy He has decided not to let Ghana go to the evil forces but to rescue the nation from total fall.  Though blood sacrifices have polluted the land and corruption and robbery, incompetence, indifference and inefficiency have combined to do havoc, the wrath and fury of God against the dark, evil and wicked works of spirits and men have been mostly accountable for the current state of darkness, mourning and wailing in the country.  To make it worse truth, righteousness and honesty have been jettisoned from private as well as public conduct, particularly in the politics, governance and management of national affairs.  Herein the true story, the consequences of evil and wicked works of men and spirits have been aggravated by Divine fury and wrath against the country.

But the Lord in His own knowledge, wisdom, counsel and plans for His chosen Ghana has counselled Himself to rescue the nation and stop the gloom and doom manifesting in the “Dumsor Dumsor” economy.  He has lifted the Divine Halt on the forward march of the country.  For He will not share His glory with the advances being made in Ghana with satan and wicked people.  He has power to put paid to the works of spirits, powers, and gods as well as the knowledge and wisdom of men (Ps. 33; 10-12).

It must be mentioned in this regard that the office of the President has no special wisdom and knowledge and counsel as of itself to confer and/or pass on to any sitting president.  Divine wisdom, knowledge and counsel come only to properly chosen and/or elected office holders who mount the seat of office through honest, righteous and just means and who hold office in true acknowledgment, submission and honour to God.  Such run the affairs of peoples and nations in humility, righteousness and faithfulness to God as well as in respect and loyalty to nation and people.

The Lord will raise again His standard of Truth, Righteousness and Faithfulness in national affairs.  He will show forth His remonstrance against the evil and wicked forces and usher the country once again on the Divine Path of Glory for His name’s sake.  Ghana cannot bear the image of God and His name and remain under siege to darkness, evil and wickedness, poor performance, non-advancement and poverty, static state and lamentation forever.  Jehovah God will raise Divine standard against the enemies, the dark, evil and wicked forces and their agents in the land.

Ghana will rise yet again and mount the Divine horse of Truth, Righteousness, Justice, Liberty and Joy in heavenly blessings of Divine goodness and mercy, peace and prosperity.  Jehovah God will re-assert His redemption and blessing machine in motion not through military coups nor mass demonstrations and protests.  Soon, Ghana will sing the Divine redemption song as nation and people of Divine Heritage, Hallelujah!

“Therefore the redeemed of the LORD shall return, and come with singing unto Zion; and everlasting joy shall be upon their head:  they shall obtain gladness and joy; and sorrow and mourning shall flee away.” (Isaiah 51:11 KJV)

God will withdraw His displeasure and anger against negative and divisionary politics and governance, corrupt, unrighteous, unjust and wicked manipulations and control of public institutions, the public services and national assets as a whole.

Soon Ghana will re-enter a new era of peace and joy, progress and prosperity, confidence and hope in God that got ignited at the break of the new millennium.  The Most High God will withdraw the Divine withholding machine that has blocked eyes, minds, understanding and insight, vision, direction and wisdom for leadership and national efforts.

Know, O People of Ghana, that God has power to release confusion, derision and dismay to workers of iniquity and works of darkness in high places.  It is His pleasure to visit His people with peace and joy, and fortify the righteous, honest and humble leadership with vision, direction and wisdom, Divine power and protection.  He will bless the nation with the fullness of His providence.  Amen!

God has ordained Ghana to serve as a launching pad for the redemption and restoration of glory and His eternal purposes in Africa and the world.  Biblical Israel and Judeo-Christian Europe and America have had their opportunity.  Now is the turn of Africa.  Divine blessings of goodness and mercy in revelation, knowledge, understanding, wisdom and power will push the machine of peace, progress, prosperity and good of the country in motion again and in full track for the development, management and governance of the country.

Great is the faithfulness of God.  Mighty is His name.  Wonderful and glorious are His works.  Years 2015-2045 will be years of remarkable feats and strides in the Ghanaian character, attitudes and the political economy as a whole.  There will be a mindset and lifestyle of the truth, way and knowledge of God.  Loyal, righteous and honest service to country will receive open Divine reward.  A New Ghanaian of Divine Glory is in the offing.  Glory to God.

O that Ghana will find a righteous, honest, faithful, humble and loyal leaders after the heart of God in all sectors of the national economy and affairs of the nation as a whole.

This also is on the horizon.  Glory to God in the highest!

Year 2015 will witness the open door of Divine Glory for the country.  Let all that have breath praise the Lord.  Hallelujah!

God bless all!

God bless Ghana!



March 4, 2015