Peace, Joy and Hope in God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ be unto the Church, Government, Nation and People of America.

The Spirit of the Lord is upon us to call attention to the significance and the critical and urgent need for America to take decision on the Almighty God’s proposal of America, The Tower of Peace, Liberty and Eternity announce in Mission Glad Tidings of Restoration and Glory to America.

The short story is that America is now in the Valley of Decision. The current generation of leaders and people in Church, Government and Nation, business, commerce and industry, academia and civil society has profound responsibility towards the destiny of America as well as America’s place in human and world history.

The Most High God, Creator and Father of Jesus Christ Saviour, Redeemer, Restorer and Judge is the Author of the open door of Divine Love, Mercy and Goodness in the mission unto the United States of America.

Mission Glad Tidings of Restoration and Glory to America is the open door of Divine intervention for the redemption and restoration of glory to bewildered America slipping down in unbelief, idolatry and the rejection of God into imminent fall as befell the United Kingdom and others in history. Many kingdoms, empires and dominions, cities, metropolises and civilizations have been buried and will be buried in the midst of the hustle and bustle of human light and life, economic and political power glory, the joys and pleasures of the arts and culture, physical, emotional and material pursuits. The gains and joys of the present world dominated by rebellious spirits and mortal man, philosophy, science and technology offer no guaranteed security against decay and fall.

America, The Tower of Peace, Liberty & Eternity … The Hour of Glory Has Come
Mission Glad Tidings of Restoration and Glory with the proposition of America, The Tower of Peace, Liberty and Eternity offers God ordered eternally secured and guaranteed spiritual and social order under God the Creator’s Kingdom order, godly government, reign and rule. God Himself has offered the United States of America a platform of heavenly ordered and established glory for men, peoples and nations in a new world shinning in the Truth, Light, Life and Glory in His Son, Jesus Christ. The angels announced the new world order of Peace and Goodwill on earth, a world saved and delivered from perishing, occupied by redeemed man, creation and nations. America, this is The Hour of Glory. (By the way, there is no competition for global power and dominion amongst the nations of the new world).

America in The Valley of Decision
America is now in the Valley of Decision. God is not leaving America without evidence and help. The Spirit of the Lord has shown the way in 2nd Chronicles, chapter seven, verse fourteen (2 Chron. 7:14) of the Christian Bible. This is the Divine counsel, promise and guide to America. The door of glory is open. The time has come and the time is NOW for the Church to lead Government, People and Nation of America to confess sin and agree to turn from evil ways, repent and embrace Divine redemption and CALL UPON THE ALMIGHTY GOD FOR HEALING AND RESTORATION. The die is cast, saith the Lord. Amen.

God Bless America.
Glory to God in the Highest. Amen