In response to the word of God in prophecy to the servant of God, Rev. Prof. Enoch Immanuel A. Agbozo on July 6, 2014 at the House of Worship, the central church of the Ghana Evangelical Society, a ministry of Enoch Missions (EM), a special assembly for fellowship of deliberation and prayer for England and the United Kingdom was organised by EM on Saturday August 23, 2014 in London.

Below is an extract of the prophecy and the message of Glad Tidings of Hope – Restoration of Glory to England and the United Kingdom delivered by Rev. Prof. Agbozo.


Listen to Me My son, the hour has come that I shall cause a stir in the United Kingdom…  My son all too soon it is time for the head of the Monarch to go to rest with her fathers, but who takes over?  And that is the question…  The glory of the Monarchy goes with her and what remains of it?

My son, it is time that you shall remind the United Kingdom, the people that once hailed Me as King and Lord.  Yes, they hailed Me as their God and King.  They sang My praise wherever they went.  I was their God, I was their King, I was their Ruler even their Lawgiver, but today where is My place in the affairs of the United Kingdom?  My son, buckle up your shoes, rise and go forth unto the United Kingdom.  My peace shall be with them if they shall once again remember Me as their God.

I shall return their lost glory if they shall forsake their wicked ways and return unto Me…  My son, rise quickly and in haste, for soon the head of the Monarch shall lie motionless in perpetual sleep until I shall return.  My son, the wind is blowing and as it blows it carries with it even that day when the head of the Monarch shall lay down in sleep.  It is for this cause that I command you that you shall go unto them and send My glad tidings that if they shall forsake their wicked ways and they shall return to Me I shall  return their lost glory.

The United Kingdom, a people that once hailed Me as their Lord and King, even their Lawgiver… O England where is your song, a song of sorrow when you can live?  Where is your song, a song of bitterness when there is milk and honey around you?  O England behold the Lord your God … behold your Lawgiver!

England the Lord your God, He is God indeed.  Will you serve him and live?  O England I beckon unto you this day.  England …hear the voice of your Maker, for surely and surely if you shall turn from your wicked ways I will be your God once again,  and you shall be My beloved people.  England return unto the Lord your Maker.

You can download the full text below:

Glad Tiding of Hope – Message