Let us fact facts.  Ghana is moving in circles, yet gradually towards sinking.  Only God can save the country!

 According to the Lord Most High God, EVIL WORKS, EVIL MEN and EVIL PRACTICES have risen on the ascendancy in the land.  This cannot but create confusion, pain and suffering to people and cause the collapse of the economy.

Thus says the Lord, when evil succeeds to win its way and gain speed and space in national affairs, when there is nothing and no one to help the oppressed and victims of evil, only THE MOST HIGH GOD CAN COME TO THE RESCUE of the poor, needy and oppressed victims.

It is necessary to mention here that the Bible declares succinctly that when the unrighteous rule the people mourn.  That the king who receives bribes does not build but destroy the kingdom.  That while the righteous considers the plight of the poor, the wicked does not understand nor care about the cause of the poor.  That if a ruler pays attention to lies, all his servants become wicked. (Prov. 29: 2,4, 7-8, 12)

In this regard, there is no gain saying the fact that Ghana is passing through a time and regime of corruption, evil works and wickedness, corrupt politics and corrupt governance.  These are setting a stage of corrupt political economy which unless arrested will ultimately lead to the collapse and destruction of the peaceful, stable and burgeoning Ghanaian economy and happy people.

That there is anxiety and mourning in many places and uneasiness in the economic and political spheres of the land cannot be denied.  The present state of affairs – corruption in politics and governance, public affairs and business – is a matter with long history and concern.  Unfortunately, the matter has assumed weird, wieldy and unyielding proportions, particularly during the recent 2012 political campaign and elections.

There are reports of the buying and selling of votes to the poor, needy and weak in a poverty ridden economy, with large numbers of unemployed, poor, needy and suffering as well as illiterate, uninformed and backward population.  The high number of spoiled and rejected ballot papers during elections prove this.  When ballot papers are stolen, when votes are bought and voters are co-erced to vote by dictation and bribery, not conviction or persuasion, such votes cast cannot be said to be genuine, true and acceptable expression and representation of the will of the people concerned.  Elections won through bribery, corruption and vote manipulation through dishonest, immoral and wicked exploitation of the vulnerable and needy with gifts such as laptops, cars and cash, etc, etc, buttressed by vain promises and the swearing of oaths to boot they constitute clear evidence of moral decay in high and low places and above all the ABUSE, DISREGARD and DISRESPECT of the ELECTORAL and DEMOCRATIC PROCESSES and GOVERNANCE as a whole.

When votes are bought and co-erced through corruption, evil, immoral, unrighteous, unjust and wicked practices, evil men cannot claim and must not say THAT VOTES CAST and ELECTIONS BASED THEREON ARE OF THE PEOPLE and FOR THE PEOPLE.  SURELY THEY CANNOT and WILL NEVER BE OF THE HOLY GOD, Creator of heaven and earth.

The Lord has asked His servant therefore to inform the people of Ghana THAT HE DOES NOT WAIT ON MEN, HE DOES NOT WAIT FOR MEN and HE DOES NOT CALL ON MEN to come to the rescue of the victims of evil works, evil men and evil practices.

Finally, may I mention here that the Most High God asked His servant at dawn Monday, December 3, 2012 to write a rejoinder to the Editorial of Daily Graphic which would appear on Wednesday, December 5, 2012.  The editorial of the paper turned out to be entitled “EC, GHANAIANS LOOK UP TO YOU”.  We were led by the Spirit of God to respond to the Editorial, saying, GHANAIANS, LOOK UP TO GOD, NOT THE ELECTORAL COMMISSION.

It is now apparent that the Lord God Jehovah was well aware of the possible collusion, transposition of votes and illegal practices and difficulties created by and/or ahead of the Electoral Commission during the December 7, 2012 elections.

The concerns expressed by voters and candidates culminating in a petition before the Supreme Court of Ghana proves the point. It does vindicate the Most High God.  It goes without saying further that the Electoral Commission has answers to give to God, Nation and People for the lapses, anomalies, concerns and challenges to result declarations.  Whether the Supreme Court sees it the way the Most High God saw things or not, whether their findings support the outright rejection of the result declaration or not, THE MOST HIGH GOD, the God of Ghana is THE ONE WHO HAS and WILL HAVE FINAL SAY in the response to EVIL WORKS, EVIL MEN and EVIL PRACTICES in Ghana politics and governance, and the economy as a whole.


Let us face the facts.  Evil works, evil men and evil practices cannot and must not be THE STANDARD and PATH of GLORY for POLITICS and DEMOCRATIC GOVERNANCE in chosen Ghana, Star of Africa.  Ghana can show and lead Africa into Peace, Righteousness and Justice and God ordered and guided Progress, Prosperity and Goodness.  Amen.  God must come to the aid of  the oppressed and victims of evil.  God must help Ghana establish honest, credible, viable and worthy institutions, honest and credible leadership, integrity and loyalty in conduct and life.

We will address the evil effects of blood and animal sacrifices and idolatorous practices on Ghana/Africa in due course.

God bless Ghana!

 Written by Rev. Prof. Enoch Immanuel A. Agbozo