Below is a summary of Prophecy from the House of Worship, the central church of the Ghana Evangelical Society, Sunday, October 5, 2014.


I will not turn My back to Ghana, I will not turn My back to creation, I will not turn My back to Africa, I will not turn My back to the world. Thus saith the Lord.

Therefore My people, know and believe the word. For the word is life, the word is pure. Do you know that the word is Me Jesus? Do you know that the name Jesus is the word? Yes, it is the word, and the word is Jesus. Hear it today, Jesus is the word. Hallelujah. Believe the word, believe the name. It is life, it is joy, it is understanding, it is power to walk and go through the gates of this life’s journey.


For there are many gates, but there is only one gate that can take you to eternity and that gate is the word and the name, Jesus. Go through the gates My people and make straight the path. For this day I Jehovah make My stand and My name clear before creation. Man will deceive … curse and will lead you astray, but I Jehovah will give you life…peace…love… and understanding. You will understand and know that the name and the word is one.

There is no debate, there is no controversy. Pure is this word that I offer unto you. Therefore, My people, focus your eyes and heart unto Me. Let it be known unto all men that there is no other name, no other spirit, no other declaration but that which is established in the beginning, the same shall be in the end. I am saying I will not turn My back to creation. I have a cause and I will bring it to pass. I will redeem and deliver creation and that is what you stand in for. Come to this realization and understanding …. for the world is taking a different direction and form.

The form that the world is taking is far from My word and My name which gives truth and understanding. So My people that are called by My name, be vigilant and understand My name… and know what I am doing and where I am leading you to. Therefore, fear not, but obey My word and I the Lord will give you power… Give Me the chance to operate in you as a divine Spirit. That spirit is the spirit of life. I will walk hand and hand with you… guide you and fight your battles. Will make known to your enemies that the calling is Mine. I have chosen you among a lot. First of all as a nation and as a ministry to unfold the mysteries of My Kingdom and nothing can stop you. Thus saith the Lord.


Therefore let the authorities of the nation hear. Let Satan and his hosts, powers and spirits, the anti-Christ hear this day as you blow it out that I the Creator will not turn My back to creation. I will bring it to pass which I have purposed that I will deliver creation and I will separate creation from the damnation that is coming upon the world. I will make sure that My word will not go void, it will accomplish the purpose of which I have sent it. Walk in the fear of I the Living God and have that heart of faith and belief. It shall be well with you … it shall be well with the generation following.

My people that are called by My name, today is a day of blessing, a day of victory, a day of peace that I the Lord have appeared unto you. Walk in the Spirit of I the Living God and give Me all the praise. I am the Lord.


Do you know Me as your Lord and Saviour? Do you relate to Me as a man and his friend? Have you accepted Me as your Creator? How do you see Me? Do you know Me as your Lord and Saviour? Have you realized that I am He who laid down His life for you? Even in death I gave Myself in order that all men who accept Me as Lord and Saviour will receive eternal life. And are you not all sheep? And am I not the good Shepherd?

Now My sheep, lie down and sleep in green pastures because I have hidden you in My bosom. I have hidden you under the shadow of My wings… My sheep, you should know Me at all times, and also know My voice and draw close to Me and have fellowship with Me at all times.. Ask Me for understanding of everything and I will let you that I am not a man. Nothing happens to man that I the Almighty Father do not know of.


My sheep, have you checked the borders of your nation Ghana? Have you seen how I have built a hedge around your nation Ghana so no evil wind will blow in? Have you looked towards the north, east, west and south? Can’t you see that I have lifted up My mighty hand and put a hedge around this nation? Don’t you know that I have made this nation a place of refuge for nationals of other countries? I have built a hedge around this nation and no evil wind can enter.

And this is the sign that I am giving you for I chose you as elected people so that you will relate to Me in everything. You have become My representatives and you intercede for this nation, and not only for this nation but also or the rest of your motherland Africa. Here am I the good Shepherd. I gave Myself to all men/mankind so why would I not answer you when you lift up the whole of Africa before Me? Don’t you know that I am merciful? I have compassion for man … I have heard all the prayer that you put before Me and have answered them.


But I want you to remember that I am a righteous God and I cannot look on sin, you must not come to Me in sin. Africa has sinned before Me. Africa has not accepted Me as her Lord and Saviour. Look at Somalia, a land of dead people. Look at Congo? Why it is so….why has it come to this? Africa … land of wicked people. Is it not a man who has sworn that his own brother should not have rest?


Africa, a land that provided refuge for Me. Africa .. remember that when Herod the enemy sought to kill Me, you gave Me refuge. Africa, I am putting you in remembrance today. My Father, this is Africa, Africa, you who gave Me refuge so that your purposes will come to pass, as you caused the prophets to narrate in the Holy Scriptures. This is a land that gave Me refuge, she is called Africa.

Africa I am putting the Father in remembrance of you. Africa I will give you peace because of what you did for Me. Africa, this day I am weeping and calling you … Africa … hearken to Me. Africa … rise up from the dead and arise. If you accept Me, then I will cause your glory to be revealed.


Africa … arise …. Get out of the desolation. Africa … here is the light. I am the Light. When you hid Me in you little did you know that I will become the Light. Today the light has appeared in the darkness. Africa … the Light will push away your darkness. .Africa … shake the dust off your feet and enter into the light. Africa arise from the dark and enter the light. Africa … answer Me …. Africa I am loosing you … .loose yourself from the ropes of captivity. Africa …. I will wash your feet today. Africa … I am the water … and I will use Myself to wash your feet. Africa … kneel down at My feet and allow Me to wash the dirt from your feet. Don’t come into Me with your dirty feet, for in Me is holiness.

Africa I will give you a new tongue and before that tongue will do the work that it should do in Africa I will rise up against My enemies who have entered you and do not allow you to have peace. Africa do not be surprised if any wind blows within you and I turn things upside down. Remember that I am God … Africa I am God… I created all things. Africa ….fear Me … Give Me all the honour due Me and I will make you a model nation.


Africa, prepare yourself for the time has come for Me to judge all the nations in you. But remember that in you I have a loved one… Yes she is My bride. My love, don’t you know her? Have you not heard about her? A nation that I have chosen out of you and made her My Throne Room, My Kingdom. Africa … have you not heard of her. Wait… Very soon I will do something unique in her and you will know that I am God and I change the things that men despised and make them new. She is My bride.

Yes, I have married her … and in a short while you will see her. You will see her very soon. She is My first born among all your children. Africa …. bring adoration to My feet and praise Me and sing songs of praise to Me for I have brought an end to what the enemy planned for her. And in a short time, very soon men will come from other nations and they will ask, “how did it happen?” And you will lift up your voice and say that it is the holy blood that was shed at Mount Calvary that has delivered you.

Africa, bring songs of praise unto Me and I will open the gates of heaven and pour forth rain upon you to cleanse you thoroughly and make you a new thing again.